AG. Form F510

AG. Form F510

AG Form

Avant Garde’s Form Series shares the R&D benefits from the Function Series, however with a further emphasize on a fully tailored forged setup to reflect your style with the utmost detail. Standard with Bespoke Italian Chrome Plated Hardware, Reverse Lip Configuration, and UPM (Ultra-Precision Machined) Aerospace T6 Forgings are only a few of the standard features. Engineered to exceed JWL/VIA specifications.

Finish is more than just another decision. It evokes emotion. It reveals personality. It makes a statement. Whether you choose from the plethora of powder coat colors or go with a multi-stage finishing process involving brushing and polishing, the Bespoke program allows each person to create something truly unique.

Please contact us for fitment help.

Available Sizes: 20×7, 20×7.5, 20×8, 20×8.5, 20×9, 20×9.5, 20×10, 20×10.5, 20×11, 20×11.5, 20×12, 21×8, 21×8.5, 21×9, 21×9.5, 21×10, 21×10.5, 21×11, 21×11.5, 21×12, 22×8, 22×8.5, 22×9, 22×9.5, 22×10, 22×10.5, 22×11, 22×11.5, 22×12, 22×14
Available Bolt Patterns: Custom

SizeOffset & Bolt PatternPrice (each) 
20x7, 20x7.5, 20x8, 20x8.5, 20x9, 20x9.5, 20x10, 20x10.5, 20x11, 20x11.5,20x12Custom$1460.00View
21x8, 21x8.5, 21x9, 21x9.5, 21x10, 21x10.5, 21x11, 21x11.5, 21x12, 22x8,
22x8.5, 22x9, 22x9.5, 22x10, 22x10.5, 22x11, 22x11.5, 22x12, 22x14