Car Wash Towels – Dozen

Car Wash Towels – Dozen


1 Dozen Car Wash Towels. Available in Red, Green, and Blue. <F_BR>

These are special high-quality, lint-free drying towels that any car wash <F_BR>or detailer can buy in a variety of colors to color code on the job. For example <F_BR>use blue for windows, green for drying, and red for the interior of your car. It <F_BR>is important not to use the same towel for different sections of your car to <F_BR>avoid cross contamination and thereby reduce the risk of picking up foreign <F_BR>objects that doesn?t belong. These are not the standard 2 lb towels that most <F_BR>places sell, they are higher quality 3 lb towels. Soft, pre-washed car wash <F_BR>towels that will not scratch the surface of the vehicle. Bundled per dozen.

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