Drifz 308B Spec-R

Drifz 308B Spec-R


Upgrade your ride with the stylish Drifz 308B Spec-R rim. This stylish wheel takes your car to the next level with its stunning design, featuring slim, elegant spokes and an understated satin black finish.

See the beauty of custom wheels come to life through the veil of scorching rubber. Streetwise and performance-driven, the Drifz brand glows red-hot with outspoken style as you burn up the streets. Drifz: Customized wheels for your customized ride.

  • One-piece cast aluminum construction
  • Satin black finish
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Wheel SizeMFG. Product #Bolt PatternOffsetFinishWeightHub BoreLoad RatingPrice
16X8308B-68018385X100+38Painted - Black28.073.01700125.99
16X8308B-68003384X100+38Painted - Black28.073.01700125.99
16X8308B-68018255X100+25Painted - Black28.073.01700125.99
16X8308B-68003254X100+25Painted - Black28.073.01700125.99
17X8308B-78018425X100+42Painted - Black28.073.01700137.99
17X8308B-78018205X100+20Painted - Black28.073.01700137.99
17X8308B-78003204X100+20Painted - Black28.073.01700137.99
17X9308B-79018155X100+15Painted - Black31.073.01800150.99
17X9308B-79003154X100+15Painted - Black31.073.01800150.99
18X8308B-88059425X112+42Painted - Black25.073.01800150.99
18X8308B-88018425X100+42Painted - Black25.073.01800150.99
18X8308B-88018205X100+20Painted - Black25.073.01800150.99
18X9.5308B-89518455X100+45Painted - Black28.073.01800162.99
18X9.5308B-89518255X100+25Painted - Black28.073.01800162.99