HD High Definition Car Care HD Polish – No Swirls/holograms

HD High Definition Car Care HD Polish – No Swirls/holograms


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HD POLISH+ is a nano abrasive that’s the most effective way to get out light to moderate scratches leaving hologram free finish. Prior to the use of HD POLISH+ and putting on our specially designed spider pad which will give you a great finish and what the unique design actually helps cut out any of the light swirl marks that are in there,

We spray  3D FINAL TOUCH  to precondition the pad.

Then apply five to six little pea size drops here. Work in a 2×2 area, rub in your pad, start off nice and slow.

Use a setting of about 1000 to 1500 RPM, not any more you don’t need to do more than that.  Use nice back and forth motion to knock down any of the holograms or any of the wool pad marks or just light scratches.

With HD POLISH+ make sure you cross your work so you know you are getting a hundred percent coverage.  HD POLISH+ has an extremely good open-time you don’t really have to rush it. Work a section at a time.

Always inspect your microfiber towel and make sure that you have no debris in it when you’re doing your polish because if you do you can just put those scratches right back into it. Fold it into fours, wipe it away.

Take a clean microfiber towel. Go back and forth. Nice easy pattern.

ow a quick review. HD CUT+ and HD POLISH+ system, you first start with HD CUT+.  You go through and you eliminate any of the deep or heavy scratches followed up with a HD POLISH+.  Now the HD POLISH+  before using it on our spider technology finishing foam pad, spray it down first quickly or lightly with a 3D final touch and then nice even back and forth motion get your glass-like finish that can only achieve using HD POLISH is also ideal to be used for the dual action polisher.

It works well with the XC 3401 flex dual action polisher this one is a forced rotation polisher somewhere between a standard dual action polisher and a high speed, give it a quick spritz with 3D FINAL TOUCH. Put the cord over your shoulder. Nice even motions back and forth, making sure that we eliminate any of the marring left behind from the cutting process notice the life and how long and how far HD POLISH+ stretches especially with a dual action polisher.

Go ahead and wipe it down wipe it down with an inspected towel of course, we went over prior making sure we had no debris in the towel. Even with a dual action polisher, See the flawless finish in a shortest amount of time that only HD POLISH+ can provide for you and one of the final tests after you’ve been done using the HD CUT+ and the HD POLISH+. You don’t have a lot of dust and debris. When I pop my hood, the last thing I want to do is spend all my time cleaning under the hood.

There is no dust or debris that has gotten into my jams and I haven’t had to use one piece of tape and I still got a nice clean finish. HD POLISH+ has no fillers and will not make dust. HD POLISH+ has been scientifically designed to produce a dust free, swirl free, deep, high gloss paint finish.

Using NANO Technology and super micro abrasives HD POLISH+ is the most effective way to remove light to moderate paint defects for the highest shine possible. Product works best when applied in a shaded area but is sun friendly when used correctly. This product is Body Shop Safe, containing no silicone or fillers. Safe for use on fresh paint and soft clears. Amazing hologram and marring free results on all paint colors including jet-black/dark colored paints.  Easy on and easy off.