Heavy Duty Car Washing Kit

Heavy Duty Car Washing Kit


This is a heavy duty car washing kit.  This kit is for all the bug guts and wings smashed on the windshield and grill. Those long nighttime hauls can leave a mess.  Here in the kit you have Bug Remover that uses enzymes to break down the bug splatter from windows, car grills, and paint. This kit also has HD Glass with it’s antifogging properties.  You’ll love this Pink Car soap, to really get in there and clean the whole paint surface.  As a part of the kit, you will get 2 professional grade green microfiber towels for the paint and 2 blue microfiber towels for the windows.  We are also throwing in a brush to help dislodge the guts and wings from the vehicle grill, a special bug sponge and a microfiber wash mitt to speed things up.  You can easily dry the car with the Water Sprite professional chamois.  All the little things you need for a complete Heavy Duty car wash.


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What you get in the Heavy Wash Kit:

24oz Bug Remover

16oz Pink car soap

16 oz HD Glass

Microfiber Mitt

G-01 Water Sprite Chamois (Regular) 

G-29 Bug Sponge

2 Professional grade blue Microfiber towels

2 Professional grade green towels

M-03S Small Hand brush green