Interior Cleaning Kit


Interior Cleaning Kit

$47.39 $40.28

In the Interior Cleaning Kit you get:

16 oz Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner

24 oz All Purpose Cleaner

24 oz Leather Vinyl Plastic Cleaner

16 oz HD Glass  

4 yellow towels

M-15 Scrub brush

M-26 horsehair

Small Vent & Dash Brush

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The inside of your vehicle might be just as dirty as the outside!  With the Interior Kit, get the tools to do the job right. Upholstery and carpet cleaner combined with the scrub brush and horse hair brush, with clean your cloth seats and the carpet.  It has optical brighteners to make your carpet look fresh.  The All Purpose Cleaner works great all around, but to really shows it’s value cleaning the headliner and the dash face.  LVP stands for Leather, Vinyl and Plastic.  It is cleans up your leather seats and leather trim, leaving a new car leather smell.  The HD Glass will clean up the glass and chrome, without fogging up later.  Hey, you also get 4 Yellow professional grade interior microfiber towels.