Rinse Free Wash

Rinse Free Wash


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RINSE FREE WASH. It is a two bucket system. Use one bucket that has the RINSE FREE WASH and one that has only water. RINSE FREE WASH is water conscious also easy. You can wash a car inside the shop or garage. Use one ounce of RINSE FREE WASH to every gallon of water. The second bucket is to rinse out your microfiber towel. To ensure that you don’t have dirt getting back into your cleaning towel, there is a grit guard so the dirt falls down the bottom. RINSE FREE WASH has polymers to help create a wonderful shine and to protect it. RINSE FREE WASH works well on chrome and plastic. On hard-to-reach areas you can use a soft flogged brush. Now if you need to do a little bit more cleaning can get one of 3D’s degreasers. When you have washed the vehicle down with the RINSE FREE WASH, you can take a and tighten it up on each bucket. You’re ready to move your equipment to the next car, or store it till you are ready to wash again. The grit guard will keep all dirt at the bottom.