Tire Clean & Dressing Kit


Tire Clean & Dressing Kit

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The Tire Kit Inclues

24 oz Yellow Degreaser 

24 oz Ultra Protectant 

4 Black Microfiber Towels 

Applicator brush salt & Pepper 

Blue bristle brush short

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This Kit is a no nonsense way to clean your tires. Yellow Degreaser is ideal for your rubbers and brake dust.  It works great to clean up tires, wheel wells all you are going to need for this gentle brush made for the spokes for your rims without scratching the metal and without scratching the paint. A stiff brush will be able to scrub down the tires rubber and the wheel wells. Working with plastic and rubber and a black microfiber towel, you don’t have to worry about getting your microfiber towel dirty – it’s black. There is gonna be a lot of black, a lot of brake dust, or road grime that goes up and collects on on your tires and on your car it’s very simple just take and spray Yellow Degreaser on the surface you desire to be cleaned. It’s designed to be diluted at 4:1.  

Ultra Protectant is ideal for your tires or trim and wheel wells, for the exterior of your vehicle to create a high deep shine.  It’s very easy. It comes in a spray bottle.  Now if you get it on your rims…it’s not a big deal. It comes off very easy that’s important because if you want a high-shine you don’t wipe off your tires.  If you want a low shine, go ahead and wipe it down just for your UV protection you’ll get the silicon to penetrate and condition the plastic and rubber but otherwise high shine, go ahead leave it even know though it has a milky finished to it. Over time it’ll sit and it will give you that nice deep shine.  So we’ll come back in just a few minutes, by the time you’re done doing the rest of the vehicle this will be ready for you to drive away. Now the ultra protectant also provides a coating in here that helps protect you from having any dust collecting, also its water soluble so it’s safe to be used in the engines.